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Free Web Hosting

Free XOOPS Web hosting

FreeHostia is one of the best free hosting providers. Its free web hosting plan is fully featured and you can get XOOPS pre-installed by selecting it on the signup form.

Excellent Free Web Host

If you want a free web hosting company, which offers many features and has good uptime, you should definitely consider

FTP, PHP & MySQL Free Hosting

It's not easy to find good free web hosting with PHP support. Many top free hosting providers provide limited free hosting plans, which either don't support PHP or if they do, there are other limitations, which make the service suitable only for testing or very small websites.

Dedicated Hosting Servers

Canadian Dedicated Server Reseller

A all in one reseller program for .CA domain names @ $14.50/year and dedicated servers from $125.00/month (monthly billing).

Professional Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting server provides serious web hosting and storage environment and can be purchase at a discounted price from Resellers Panel.

Domains Hosting VPS & Dedicated Servers Reseller

You can resell shared hosting, vps, dedicated servers and domain names with our program. This is a perfect choice for web designers, web developers, Internet Service Providers.

Reseller Hosting Solutions

How to Become a Hosting Reseller

The World Wide Web is an ever-developing network that supplies new ways to gain cash online. One of them is to be a domain reseller and offer domains to end clients.

Cheap Reseller Hosting

Nominal reseller hosting prices. Set your price on limitless shared hosting plans (disk storage/traffic/hosted domains), as well as on virtual servers and dedicated servers, domains and SSLs.

Best Hosting Reseller

Offer the best unlimited shared hosting packages (data storage/traffic/domains hosted) as well as Virtual Private Servers and dedicated hosting solutions, domains and SSLs under your own reseller company name.

Shared Web Hosting

Web Host Deli

Shared Hosting vs VPS. In a direct comparison. Positives and negatives. Pick your account location between the United States, Europe and Australia.

Budget Web Hosting

All of the websites need a "place to live", poetically speaking, or in other words the webmaster needs to find a professional web hosting company for the site. Lonex and Freehostia are professional web hosting providers offering different types of shared web hosting like application or script oriented.

Cheap Shared Web Hosting

The shared website hosting solution is best for those who would like to host a basic web site, which is going to devour a small or medium amount of traffic each month.

Web Hosting Reseller

USA Web Hosting Reseller

US (Peer1), British (BlueSquare), Swedish (Bahnhof) and Australian (Global Switch) data center facilities. Set your price on domain names, certificates, VPS servers, dedicated server hosting packages and unlimited webspace hosting plans, and start offering them on behalf of your private label.

US Top Web Hosting Reseller

Wholesale reseller hosting prices. Top US, EU, UK, AU data centers. Put your own price on domain names, certificates, VPS hosting servers, dedicated hosting servers and unlimited business web hosting plans, and start offering them on behalf of your own brand name.

Web Hosting Reseller Comparison

The cheapest reseller hosting accounts. Put your own price on limitless shared hosting plans (unmetered disk space/bandwidth/hosted domains), as well as on VPS, semi dedicated and dedicated servers, domains and certificates.

Virtual Private Servers

VPS vs Shared

VPS vs Shared Web Hosting. Which client interface should I stop at? cPanel or Hepsia (the new hosting industry leader)?

VPS Hosting Offers

Special VPS hosting offers, which include an outstanding web hosting and domain management menu-driven interface (GUI) at no additional cost.Each private virtual server is handled via a Control Panel GUI. This user interface enables you to reboot the entire virtual private web server or separate services such as HTTP, MySQL, and so on.

VPS Hosting in Canada

VPS hosting services in a location near Canada. The virtual servers are controlled by a first-class hosting Control Panel.Linux VPSs - a private virtual web server platform running Linux is the more famous variety that you can chance on on the World Wide Web as it is more affordable to erect and maintain and so it is more sought after.